Monday, May 01, 2006

A PHP search engine

By Justin Silverton

Have you ever wanted a search engine that will show you articles and code samples from around the Internet?

BeebkeX (http://www.beeblex.com), a search engine for just php related material does just that.

some other interesting features of this site:

News Search: http://beeblex.com/index.php?d=phpa_news
Article Search: http://beeblex.com/index.php?d=phpa_articles
Job Search: http://beeblex.com/index.php?d=php_jobs
Blog Search: http://beeblex.com/index.php?d=php_blogs

some cool facts about the site

What does BeebleX index?

Articles and news that have appeared in phparchitect (phpa:)
A complete copy of the PHP manual (man:)
The mailing lists being hosted at php.net (lists:)
Several PHP-related Blogs (blogs:)
Several PHP-related Job Sites (jobs:)
We have plans to add articles from other websites, forum postings and PHP-related blogs to the engine in the near future.

What does BeebleX run on?

BeebleX runs on PHP 5.1 and Apache 1.3. The backend search engine is Xapian, to which our system interfaces using a custom extension

What are "PHP-related entries?"

Although we index all of the entries provided by a blog, we have implemented an algorithm that attempts to filter out only those entries that are related to PHP.
The algorithm is still a bit primitive, but it's usually pretty efficient, regardless of whether a blog implements categories or not. Naturally, when we say "pretty efficient," we mean that some non-PHP-related entries slip through from time to time. Like most other things related to BeebleX... this is a work in progress!

Are there any special shortcuts that I can use to speed up searches?

Yes! You can prefix your search with one of the following:
man: — performs a search on the PHP manual (e.g.: man: echo)
f: — finds a specific function in the PHP manual and redirects the user to it. (e.g.: f: echo)
phpa: — performs a search on phparchitect content (e.g.: phpa: xml)
lists: — performs a search on the mailing list archive (e.g.: lists: bug NEAR xml)
l:list — limits the search to mailing list list (e.g.: tabini l:php.general)
We also provide a feature called "Google passthrough" that you can use to bypass BeebleX and run your query directly against Google or Google Groups:
g: — bypasses BeebleX and runs the query transparently against Google (e.g.: g:tabini)
gg: — bypasses BeebleX and runs the query transparently against Google Groups (e.g.: gg:tabini)


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