Sunday, May 14, 2006

An Excel Killer

By Justin Silverton

I came across this ajax application today called ajaxXLS. It's an ajax execl application that can read and write excel files. It is one of the best ajax apps I have seen to date and displays the power and capability of AJAX.


On this first release of the ajaxXLS viewer, you can expect to open spreadsheet files with all your common cell formatting categories such as text style, decimals, currencies, date, and time. ajaxXLS will preserve your formulas, backgrounds and borders from the files created in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. ajaxXLS is platform independent and can be used with any operating system. Unlike typical office programs that you install on your computer, features will continue to be added to ajaxXLS and made available to you immediately without the need for complicated reinstallation or reconfiguration of software. Try ajaxXLS today and see for yourself how AJAX applications are redefining the way you use software.

With this release, we're publishing the methodology whereby any search engine, email client or other software developer can provide a link to an existing .xls document (hosted online) so that anyone can open it using ajaxXLS. See for yourself how a spreadsheet document can be launched right from my web page by clicking on this sample revenue.xls.To obtain the code to create a link on your website that opens any spreadsheet in ajaxXLS, please click here.

Redefining Software

AJAX programming techniques allow web-based software to function smoothly without the waiting around for page uploads that you normally associate with the Internet. The benefits of web-based software are so compelling, we feel that they are the future of the industry. These benefits include:

  • Global access, all you need is an internet connection
  • Platform independent, you can use it with any operating system
  • Automatic updates and upgrades, no more computer restarts or missed patches/updates
  • Server side management — all the busywork is done for you

AjaxXLS is just a small step forward in this software revolution, and we are proud to be a part of it.

Test it out for yourself

To test it out, go here (it requires FireFox): http://www.ajaxlaunch.com/ajaxxls/internals/ajaxxls-nojscript.html


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