Sunday, May 21, 2006

Convert your pdf files directly to html

By Justin Silverton

There is this great program I found called pdf2html. It is an opensource, free, program that will allow you to convert your pdf files directly to html.

It can be downloaded here (the win32 gui version): http://guiguy.wminds.com/downloads/pdf2htmlgui/

original sourceforge project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdftohtml/


The idea for this web-site was a culmination of events that began in my efforts to find a simple utility for a very specific task (I wanted to convert my rm video clips to anything else). After what seemed like months of searching, I was finally able to locate a command line utility that promised to do the trick (Tinra).

I found it in a help forum where others were asking for a graphical user interface (GUI) for it. I decided to make TinraGUI as a way of showing thanks to the group for helping me find what I was after. I soon discovered, however, that I couldn't attach the program I made to my reply on the forum, so I needed a web-site to host it. I put up a quick site at Tripod for the purpose. But when it seemed that it was going to be more popular than I first thought, I imagined a web-site like this one where I could make simple Windows programs and GUI's for people on request and for free.


I personally found this tool to be very helpful. I was able to convert nearly all of my .pdf files to web pages with almost no errors or mistakes.


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