Sunday, April 23, 2006

Top 10 PHP frameworks

By Justin Silverton

Below is a list of the top 10 frameworks for PHP:

10) Mobius

The Moebius PHP Library is a project that concentrates on building a set of classes that wraps around the built-in php functions. The idea behind the creation of this library is to create an object framework to work on PHP, going from mySQL management to Table manipulation. The site is powered in fact by the moebius library.

9) Blueshoes

BlueShoes provides developers with real-world solutions for common system components such as User Management, Session Handling, Closed User Groups, Exception Handling and Logging, Object Persisting as well as Form building and Handling.

8) Phrame

Phrame is a web development platform for PHP based on the design of Jakarta Struts. Phrame provides your basic Model-View-Controller architecture, and also takes a step further adding standard components such as: HashMap, ArrayList, Stack, etc...

7) Fusebox

Fusebox is the most popular framework for building ColdFusion and PHP web applications. "Fuseboxers" find that the framework releases them from much of the drudgery of writing applications and enables them to focus their efforts on creating great, customer-focused software.

6) Seagull

Seagull is an object oriented framework written in PHP that focuses on best practices, clean code and reusable components.

5) EZ Publish

eZ publish gives you control of your content. Create, handle, sort and store documents, files and images. Publish them in the format, channel or media you prefer.

4) Krill

Krill is a php Framework based on the MVC2 paradigm.

3) php-booba

Simple PHP framework for developing web applications.

2) edit-x

Edit-X CMS features enhanced tools for larger content management environments and offers support for multiple sites and unlimited authorized users. Users have an intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editorial interface that makes adding and updating content as easy as using a word processor. Edit-X CMS is designed to give organizations of all sizes a scalable solution for managing online information.

1) Binary Cloud

binarycloud is a web application framework for the PHP language. It provides a set of services that are frequently used when writing web applications and helps to improve reuseability by providing a modular application infrastructure.


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