Saturday, April 22, 2006

Converting php scripts to windows apps

By Justin Silverton

I came across this application the other day that will allow you to convert php scripts to native windows applications.

The application is called WinBinder and it is available Here

Some benefits of using winbinder

Some key benefits

  • Large installed base of PHP programmers.
  • No compiling and linking steps necessary: just code and run.
  • Access to the vast range of existing PHP functions and extensions, including databases, graphics, web functions, XML, PDF, and much more.
  • A small set of WinBinder functions encapsulates many complex aspects of the Windows API and makes programming for Windows an easy task.
  • Provides 100% native Windows classes and controls.
  • Interfaces directly to the Window API. This means fast execution, no extra libraries and no installation required.
  • Supports both procedural and object-oriented programming models.
  • High performance, compares favorably to most scripting languages.
  • Produces standalone applications that can be easily installed and removed with no reboot.
  • Small footprint. A simple Windows application, complete with the PHP runtime and SQLite extension, is smaller than 700 kB (zipped).
  • A database-independent framework allows easy coding (no SQL knowledge is necessary) and smooth integration with the WinBinder code.
  • No database server required if using SQLite.
  • Does not need to use to the Windows registry, but may use it if necessary.
  • More...
Simple Example

Here is the minimum code required for a Windows application:

include "../include/winbinder.php"; // Include WinBinder library
wb_create_window(NULL, PopupWindow, "Hello", 480, 500); // Create application window
wb_main_loop(); // Enter message loop

here is what the above will display when compiled:


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