Sunday, February 26, 2006

using paypal mass payment

By Justin Silverton


Mass Payment allows anyone with a Premier or Business account to send multiple payments instantly—saving time, money and the hassle of having to individually send funds to every payment recipient.

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Mass Payment can be used for such things as:
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Customer rebates
  • Pay-to-surf rewards
  • Employee benefits
  • Lottery prizes
  • Survey incentives
File Format

You must create a tab-delimited file containing your recipients’ information to send a Mass Payment file. A tab-delimited file can be generated from most spreadsheet applications, such as Excel.

Column 1: recipients’ email addresses.
Column 2: the payment amounts for each recipient.
Column 3: the three-letter currency code for the currency of the payment (only one currency type is allowed for each Mass Payment file):

  • EUR for Euro
  • USD for U.S. Dollar
  • GBP for Pound Sterling
  • CAD for Canadian Dollar
  • JPY for Yen
  • AUD for Australian Dollar
Column 4 (optional): a unique identifier for each customer for easier overall record-keeping. The unique identifier must be equal to or less than 30 characters, and must not contain any spaces. Examples of name format: Pitel, John; John_Pitel; JohnPitel.

Column 5 (optional): customized notes about each customer.

How to export a table in comma delimited text format (using mysql):

Here is an example on how to export your mysql tables in the above format:

select field1,field2,'USD' from paypal_payments into outfile '$export_long_name' fields terminated by '\t' lines terminated by '\r\n'";

in mysql, when you are selecting data from a table, if you add a string in quotes 'string', it will add on that string in a separate column for each record returned.


  • Nice...

    It gives a basic idea of what you have to search for...but the infomation is not quite enough

    By Blogger rakesh, at 12:56 AM  

  • what other kind of info do you need? With regard to the paypal mass payment system, there isn't much more than what I have written.

    By Blogger justin silverton, at 11:50 PM  

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