Friday, February 10, 2006

smiletag 2.3 released

what is smiletag?

smiletag is a free (GPL License) shoutbox written in PHP.Available as general purpose version, WordPress plugin, Joomla / Mambo module and Drupal module version, smiletag is an interactive, easy to use, mini-message board with powerful template system.
Powerful template system, easy-to-modify templates using only simple tags, no programming skills required. Lot of themes available.


Smart auto-refresh, automagically refreshes whenever a new message is posted, this is done using Ajax technology.

Message Moderation, if enabled you can take control for every submitted message before they appear in the shoutbox.

Admin Panel, easily edit/delete messages, moderate, ban, add smilies, configure and more. Try the admin panel demo.

No database is needed, uses flat file (XML) for storage.

Profanity filters, easily add your own custom words to filter as well.

Flood guard, stop spammer from flooding your board.

Valid XHTML, outputs Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional code.

IP Address/Nick banning, support for both manual and automatic banning.

Customizable smilies, you can add your own images as many as you want.

Time Zone Control, sets the time zone to any GMT offset.

Multi-language support.

Email/URL recognition, automatically convert any email or url into link.

Custom CSS File, you have complete control for your board look and feel.

Alternate custom text, more than just alternating background color, you can alternate any text to switch for each row.

Filters HTML tags and blank messages.

Message formatting, allow bold, italic and underline.

Custom Header and Footer, put any text at the top and bottom of your board.

Timestamp, easily change the format using simple rule.

Logs visitor IP Address.

Auto rotate each message, in order to avoid a large file from staying on your server.

Configurable number of messages to display.

Configurable message length.

It's free and comes with complete source code.

smiletag can be downloaded Here


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