Monday, February 13, 2006

php 5.0 and iis - authentication issues

by Justin Silverton

I installed php 5.0/iis 6 (the isapi dll manually) today on one of my new development servers, following the directions from the install.txt (and using the steps that I wrote about in a previous article). After I created a test php file and attempted to launch it from a web-browser, I was shown a username and password box.

if you are getting the message box above, it is most likely a permission problem.

The following can be done to fix it:

1) make sure the path has c:\php (where your php is installed)
-this can be done by going to start->settings->control panel->system, then clicking on the advanced tab, and finally clicking on "environment variables". The path variable is located within the second box on the page.

2) the following files need to have their permissions set to read by the user account IIS uses to launch files (typically IUSR_(your server name):



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