Monday, February 20, 2006

another article on oracle/mysql

"In November, I looked at Oracle's purchase of InnoDB, as well as their release of Oracle Express, and the effect on MySQL. In short, I concluded that the positives for Oracle were clear, but that MySQL must be feeling outmaneuvered. Since InnoDB, with its full transactional capability, has become an integral part of their product offering, I suggested that both BerkleyDB (their first transactional storage engine, but which has never got beyond so-called gamma status) and MaxDB (what was SAPDB, which is a fully-featured database but does not yet integrate well with MySQL's other products) had both become critically important.
Shortly after Oracle purchased InnoDB, MySQL vice-president Richard Mason acknowledged that MySQL were "evaluating options to replace that functionality in some way," but that they were "not at the point yet where we can go public with what that plan is but we will be shortly."
However, since then Oracle has upped the ante even more. On February 14th, Oracle purchased Sleepycat Software, who provides MySQL with the Berkeley DB transactional storage engine. Furthermore, in the last few days, rumors have been flying that Oracle also intends to purchase both Zend ('the PHP Company'), as well as JBoss. I believe this is another smart series of moves by Oracle that can only benefit them......"

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