Monday, January 16, 2006

How to backup and restore outlook express 6.0

This works with outlook express 6.0 on any platform (I have used it on windows XP,2003, and 98).

Backing up your email

Open Outlook Express

A) Backup accounts

1) goto tools->accounts
2) click on the mail tab
3) any account that is there, click on "export" and save these files to your harddrive

B) Backup emails

1) find your store folder by going to tools->options->maintenance and clicking on "store folder"
2) backup this entire folder to a separate location

Any message rule will need to be backed up by hand.

Restoring your email

Open Outlook Express on the target computer

A) restoring accounts

1) goto tools->accounts
2) click on the mail tab
3) click on "import" and import each file that you expored from the above steps.

B) Restore folders

1) look at the backup folder from above, and create new folders with the same name as any dbx file that is there (IE: if there is a file called my_email.dbx, make a folder called my_email)

C) Restore all email

1) get the store folder using part b step 1 from above
2) close outlook express
3) copy all backup data to your new store folder from part 1
4) open outlook express and it should be an exact copy of the mailbox that was backed up.


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